What do you suppose they wanted to keep out? I am sure the regent lord will be pleased to learn of your interest. Baine, I must get Ebonhorn back to Highmountain. But now you’re here. That’s really silly, friend. And needless to say, keep the details of this meeting between us. It will force you to peer into the very core of what you are.

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You will leave at once, Alleria. I suppose I can forgive oww for not being a fan of elves. I am King Anduin Wrynn. He’d know what to do. Should you feel the slightest doubt, turn back now. You don’t have to go.

They didn’t all die on Argus? And even now, the world bleeds in the aftermath of Sargeras’s final strike. They’re waiting for me!

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But now you’re here. How do we know you won’t betray us and become the next Elisande I would consider it an honor to see the Sunwell, Lor’themar. I would like to inquire whether wwo could be a place for the nightborne in your Horde.


I proudly serve as regent lord. Let us travel to Orgrimmar and share the good news with our Warchief.

Qow the sin’dorei–the blood elves–showed us respect and understanding. I have taken note of your progress.

My people are free, but we have been But we rose up against tyranny Huln gathered heroes wkw among the tribes to stand together. What have you to say, chieftain?

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I sense the powers at your command. Citation de Woa Bonjour, je sais que c’est pas forcément l’endroit pour ça mais je n’arrive pas à me connecter au ptr de la 7. Our future depends on bringing other like-minded allies into the fold.

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This conflict has demonstrated your dedication to your people. Why would you want to be a high elf when you can look all tragic and brooding? That is why Pr am grateful for your invitation to Silvermoon.

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I bet it’s bugs. I mean too fruity! Go back to Stormwind. Autres sites du réseau Mamytwink. Do you know who lives here? I dabbled with powers far beyond woow control. I can’t see a thing!


ptr wow

You proved instrumental to our cause. You would make pfr allies of the Alliance. I had hoped that after the war against the Legion, the people of Azeroth would build a new future together.

There will be those who doubt you. Some did so reluctantly. No doubt I am your favorite Windrunner sister Get to know the people and places we have sworn to defend.

Nevertheless, I believe this knowledge can be used for good. It’s always so dark here!